„Step by Step!“

In 2007, under the resounding name of “UNISPEKTRAS”, an active, professional team with common goals was formed. Why was we called UNISPEKTRAS? Because uni- is a universal part of the word, and spectrum means a band of many different colors. So the combination of these two words perfectly reflects the activities of our promising and multifaceted company.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” stands out from the others in that we can offer our customers a wide and diverse range of services, which covers three main activities: transport, trade and truck service.

UAB UNISPEKTRAS is based in Vilnius, in a very convenient, strategic location, which allows to dynamically develop the company’s business relations with many reliable partners in Europe and the CIS countries.

„Step by Step!“

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” has office branches in Kazakhstan and Georgia as well as a wide network of dealers and agents in Europe and the CIS countries helps the company’s development. Therefore, we boldly say that we can offer our customers a very wide range of services.

The team of UNISPEKTRAS is a professional, constantly improving team that has accumulated many years of experience in various and different fields of activity. This allows us to feel stable and confident, knowledgeable about our work and the quality of services provided. But at the same time, we do not stand still, and by justifying the name of the company “UNISPEKTRAS”, we are constantly growing, expanding our activities and the range of services provided.

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