Retail trade and wholesale

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” is engaged in both retail and wholesale trading in European and NVS countries market.

One of the main activities of UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” is wholesale trade of various chemical substances, used in a several industry branches. We also sell special technical equipment. We offer our clients favourable goods’ supply conditions and provide reasonable selling discounts.

What do we trade?

  • Most kinds of paraffin and wax materials;
  • Various petroleum oils;
  • Chemical industry substances;
  • Railway specific technology;
  • Industry manufacturing equipment;
  • And other.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” is collaborating with many NVS and European countries’ factories, so by trying to fulfil all our clients’ needs we constantly increase the assortment of the offered goods.

Our palm, soy and other wax assortment encompass various mixtures that are also used in candles manufacturing. All the waxes are produced by complying to the different types of candles production requirements.

Our company is one of the largest European specialized technology manufacturing representative. So, we have a lot of experience in producing special technologies and mechanisms for railway structures, their further maintenance and related infrastructure.

Contact us now and we’ll carefully analyse your requirements and offer you the most modern and prime quality specialized technology options.

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