Freight transport from/to Bulgaria

One of the main services provided by UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” is prime quality complete and partial freight transport from/to Bulgaria. Quick, efficient and fair-priced.

UAB “UNISPEKTAS” transports complete and partial cargo to Bulgaria by trucks and possible other most optimal transport options (if needed, we can organise sea, rail or air freight shipments).

  • We carefully plan the transport routes and organise every detail with the driver and the client;
  • We prepare all the necessary documents;
  • We effectively organise the drivers;
  • We constantly track the cargo using latest technologies, so we can always tell its location in real-time;
  • We guarantee freight delivery to the provided address.


Leaving day: Tuesday, Friday
Transit time: 3-5 calendar days
Terminal: Sofia


Leaving day: Tuesday, Friday
Transit time: 3-5 calendar days
Terminal: Vilnius, Kaunas, Riga, Tallinn

Freight transportation to Bulgaria price depends on a few factors:

  • The size and weight of the shipment;
  • The type and contents of the shipment (hazardous cargo transportation is done in the consideration of the circumstance);
  • Whether it’s complete or partial cargo;
  • The destination address (the prices differs depending if the delivery location is remote or to easily accessible logistics centres and warehouses).
  • Delivery terms;
  • And other aspects.

Freight transport to Bulgaria prices are always discussed and agreed with the manager. Contact us now and we will provide you with a personalised business offer.

We only need these five things:

  • Realistic delivery terms;
  • Neat freight documentation;
  • Operative collaboration with the clients;
  • 1-2 contact persons from the client side, so we could organise and manage freight transportation to Bulgaria successfully;
  • Payment for the services made on time.

We guarantee that out collaboration will be effective and pleasant.

We’ve been in freight transport business for over ten years, so our partners and friends’ network across Europe and NVS countries is wide. We make sure to deliver the shipment in the most optimal and safest way and take a full accountability of delivering it on time. We’re well known in logistics industry for top quality services and our passion for challenges that we always manage to complete.


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