When do you need customs brokerage services?

Customs around the world regulate custom provisions of the state, so all of the customs processes are registered and strictly supervised. It requires specific documentation, various measurements and check-ups, which determines if the cargo fits the set custom standards. The prices and customs duty are then set, taking into consideration these indicators.

Even the slightest procedure mistake or blank space left in customs documents can cost not only extra time but also detrimental freight transportation.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” offers these customs brokerage services:

  • Cargo preparation and storage;
  • Documentation preparation;
  • Client representation at customs;
  • Customs procedure formalization;
  • Informative customs broker consultations and problem-solving.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” customs brokers will help you to avoid any customs related challenges. By their help, these processes will be much simpler and more efficient.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” appreciate their clients’ time and understands the importance of the seamless and smooth customs process. But the customs’ formalities are constantly changing and dealing with them requires a lot of experience.

Considering customs formalities, laws and regulations, UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” long years’ experience, industry expertise and exceptional attention to the clients’ needs allow us to guarantee that all the customs brokerage services are completed in a quick, professional ad efficient way.

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