Goods loading and unloading – in the hands of true professionals

Cargo loading and unloading, lifting and stacking is one of the UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” fields of expertise. Over the years of experience, we’ve learned that an ineffective freight loading and unloading can put on hold all of the freight transport process.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” pays extra attention to storage services. To guarantee top-quality and avoid any accidental goods or packaging damage, together with storage space we also offer loading services. In this way we aim to provide comfort for our clients, knowing that their cargo is in safe hands all the way. So, loading process at UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” warehouses are done with special attention to detail and with great responsibility.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” provides these services:

  • Various cargo loading and unloading;
  • Goods assortment, grouping, packing and re-packing;
  • Volume and quality testing;
  • Local and international transport vehicles.

Trusting your cargo with experienced UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” specialists will give you a peace of mind, as you can be sure that it’s in safe hands.

Why choose us?

  • We offer fixed prices.
  • Our team has years of experienced in logistics.
  • We ship freight from door to door.
  • We work by flexible schedule, adapted to the clients’ needs.
  • We implement mechanic and manual loading;
  • We offer side loading option.