Transport and freight forwarding services for safe freight shipping

UAB „UNISPEKTRAS“ is a professional transport and freight forwarding company providing their services for clients in Lithuania, European Union and NVS countries (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).

For the convenience of our clients, we do all kinds of freight transportation, including partial truckload shipping. If needed, we organize distribution from our own warehouses using our own transport. Our reliable  and experienced team will take care of all the customs-related formalities and will deliver your cargo safely “from door to door”.

What we offer our clients:

  • Storage services that encompass picking and packing, and other goods’ handling-related operations, as well as keeping the stock secure;
  • Freight transport across Lithuania, as well as outside of it;
  • Freight forwarding services – automobiles, rail transport etc.
  • Customs brokerage services.

UAB „UNISPEKTRAS“ experienced team delivers and forwards cargo across all Europe, including NVS countries. To make sure that we give our clients all-rounded services, we not only provide freight transportation but also reloading and storage services. To your demand, we are able to do the loading works using special equipment located in our warehouses.

Years of extensive experience in freight transport taught us that customs procedures are usually long and tiring. So, saving the valuable time of our customers and avoiding any unnecessary inconveniences, we also provide customs brokerage services. Our experienced specialists will prepare all the necessary documents, represent your firm, will help attain permissions, certificates and other required references, as well as will control the rest of the customs’ procedures.

We respect our clients, your time and money and look after your cargo with utmost care. Our main goal is to offer best time, price and quality balance.