Storage in customs warehouses

Storage services are one of the UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” specialities. We offer our clients goods storage in open customs warehouses

Customs warehouse advantages

  • The goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time. It’s especially convenient when in the process of import the buyers of the goods aren’t yet known.
  • When importing a large shipment, it can be split into parts.
  • While your goods are in storage you don’t have to pay customs or any other fees. The fees are paid once the goods are sold and exploited.


Customs storage is one of the special customs procedures and customs warehouses or special storing territories must meet Customs Department and LR Finance Ministry regulations. Those premises are recognized as equipped to keep the goods in customs possession safe. Customs warehouse owner has a special permission that states the location of the warehouse and the list of the items that that are allowed to be stored.

Open customs warehouses can store goods that aren’t made in the EU, without it being taxed with import customs fees and with no economic prohibitions. These goods are allowed to be stored by all Lithuanian Republic, European Union and foreign physical and juridical persons and organizations.

UAB “UNISPEKTRAS” offers their clients a convenient and safe storage in customs warehouses. In addition, our qualified staff helps organise customs formalities, so everything is taken care of from A to Z.

We can store a number of different categories of items, so we always help our clients to find the best solution.

All the prices are negotiated individually. Get in touch now and we’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse!